Big names spend millions a month just to convince you that they care.
We compete with them based on what we deliver!  If we didn't do it all
as well or better, we'd be out of business instead of in our 58th year.

We're all about "WORKING FOR YOU."  Talk is cheap.  Many
have copied us.  Until you experience a serious loss, you won't know
how well a company performs.  VIA delivers.  We explain what you
need to understand so you can make informed buying decisions.

Surveys report that a majority of consumers want an agent to assist them with their
complicated insurance policies.  As your independent Agent/Broker, we offer you the greatest CHOICE at NO added cost!  We won't over sell, or up sell people to make an extra buck, or so we can win this month's company sales contest at your expense.  Many will say anything to make a sale.  Our commitment to our clients is
about service now, so if you ever suffer a major loss, V I A can deliver for YOU.   

We put YOU first.  We don't know it all, but we know insurance!  Let us show you
how we can solve your insurance problems.  We know the right questions to ask, so we can get you the important information you need to make your buying decisions.  We keep our promises.  To us you and your business is not just a number.  We don't
make a sale, and turn you over to a stranger for service.  V I A delivers the best 
coverage we can find, at the lowest price we can get.  We LOVE to save YOU Money!  How much will I save?  Whether it's only $50, or 15%, or one of those $2000 or $3,000 cases of 30% to 50%, it's YOUR money.  Why not call V I A?
You may be very pleasantly surprised.

We work like the old family doctor - we make house calls if needed.  If your case is extremely unusual, uncommon, or technically difficult, we have access to the world's best expertise.  People often discover too late that their Home, car, or business
insurance was not set up correctly - why?  Too many assume that all policies are the same.  Some just overlook what their agent fails to discuss.  It's a fact that policies,
pricing, and service are very different even though many basics are the same.  And
claim experiences vary as well.  A great Agent/Broker makes a big difference when it counts - at CLAIM time.  Claim money is meant to pay a lawsuit so you don't,
to repair/replace a car,  home, or business, and protect income and assets!

Do you hate people wasting your time promising DIY Quotes in 15 min. that either
take too long, don't offer the options you want, aren't accurate, or end up referring
you to an agent after all of your effort?  Finding out they've sold your info to multiple agents upsets some people.  JUST call or email V I A  instead!

Our goal for this site is QUALITY  -  Solutions not sales pitches.

When you shop for most things, you can tell the quality of the item.  Insurance is one of a very few products that defies most people to try -  frustrating  most,  confusing most,  and  leaving a majority with a great sense of false security.
Considering the reason for it is to transfer risk from you to the insurer - being sure     is really what it's all about.  There's no room for guessing.  If you plan to gamble 
with your cash, home, and future earnings that's fine, but it's not insurance.  If you
want financial guarantees that allow us to tell you: "Don't worry, you're covered."  know the Agent, company, and policy you choose make all the difference in what happens in response to your CLAIM.

Think of insurance like safety gear:  shock absorbers, brakes, an oxygen mask,  a
parachute, or a life boat  -  if they fail, bad usually turns to worse with no second chance.  Insurance policies are like buckets with holes in them:  depending on what
you need it for, the size, and placement of those holes makes all the difference to
you.  How much money will it carry?  And how fast will the money drain out of it?

The most expensive insurance is the one the doesn't work when you need it.
Satisfaction happens with you feel your confidence has been well placed.  Savings is 
what we all want, but how we get it makes a big difference.  Cutting out coverage 
just to save a few bucks is not always wise.  When there's a claim, no one ever says "you know, I bought the cheapest insurance available!"  What they think they remember saying is they wanted coverage for "everything."  There is no such thing.

When's the best time to shop for insurance?  Now, when you already have it, and
there's no pressure on you to make a quick decision.  If you've already got a great
deal (from one of our insurers, or others), we'll be happy to confirm that for you at no
charge.  We maintain complete confidentiality.  

             The best compliment we get is the benefit of your referrals.    THANKS!

What are the most expensive words?  Maybe - "I want a divorce," maybe - "I'm going to sue you," consider:  "Sorry - but that's not covered."  

The promise you pay for is that the insurer will deliver in your time of need - when you are most financially and emotionally vulnerable - that's when Quality pays you, or when you learn how terribly expensive your cheap policy is!  The only thing 
worse than not being covered, is thinking you were, then finding out too late that you're not.  Ouch!  Double check quotes & policies so errors don't bite you.

Price is KING, but price does not guarantee quality - ALL insurance policies are very complicated legal contracts.  Value is dependant on what's put in, what's taken out, limits, deductibles, conditions, limitations etc., the fine print that so few read.
Value is when you're happy with what you got for your money whether it's a great 
meal, cothes, tools, a car, or a vacation etc., but how do you value a promise that 
you've never had to ask anyone to pay on?  We read about people all the time who
have out of pocket losses because they didn't buy insurance, or bought the wrong
kind.  Our goal is to be the antidote to that problem.  Does that mean we'll cost you more?  It depends on your situation, but normally NO.  We normally save our
clients money, and improve their coverage.  Humpty Dumpty showed us why Life insurance is so important, and VIA offers that too, but most insurance bought is
meant to replace YOUR things, and VIA wants to be the one you call.

Anthony Verreos, President
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